PHOTO: Topping the market at an almighty 600c/kg today was this quality pen of Angus X Weaner Steers which Elders Kerr & Co sold on behalf of K & H Calvert, returning $1447 per head!

Yarding: 4,735

The February Store Sale saw a very good quality yarding of cattle which sold to a huge demand. The Grown Steers topped at 474c/kg returning just over $2400, while most of the good-weighted steers to suit the Feedlotters changed hands for between 420c/kg and 450c/kg. The heavier two & four tooth Steers that were closer to 600kg made near enough to 400c/kg. A lot of Weaner Steers changed hands between 480c/kg and 530c/kg for some big runs of good calves.

The best of the Grown Heifers sold very well and were not far off the Steers, making between 420c/kg and 450c/kg. Weaner Heifers changed hands for 460c/kg to 500c/kg for the smart pens, getting a touch more in places for Heifers to meet the Bull.

There was a reasonable yarding of Cows & Calves again today, with a big pen of 52 x 53 Cows & Calves reaching a touch over $3000. The top price was $3125 for a pen of Limousin Cows & Calves.

F1 steers sold very well also, making 390c/kg to 420c/kg for those with a fair bit of weight. Overall, a great day here at WVLX in Mortlake and a big congratulations to all the vendors for presenting their cattle so well.

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Matt Baxter. Click here for full WVLX Market Report.