Yarding: 4’896

WVLX’s May store sale presented great runs of quality cattle with just short of 5000 head on offer. There were 103 buyers present today as well as the online bidding platform, AuctionsPlus. The grown steers section topped at 434c/kg, with the majority making between 380-420c/kg. The large offering of weaner steers topped at 494c/kg with the bulk of these making between 430-470c/kg on average. A great run of open auction cattle today which topped out at $1300 or 591c/kg. Grown heifers were the feature today with Toorawest cattle were the tops of these making 452c/kg or $1970.63 per head as they head back to the paddock for joining. The bulk of the grown heifers made between 380-410c/kg on average. The weaner heifers sold very well today as they topped out at 472c/kg with the balance making between 390-430c/kg.

Angus cows & calves sold to a top of $3000 per head with the rest of the portion making over $2200-$2600 per head. Black PTIC females made from topped out at $2000 per head with the rest of the yarding consisting of X-bred Steers with the best of them fetching 380c/kg, and the balance making between 320-360c/kg.

Elders Kerr & Co client JHW Paterson received the best presented pen of steers at todays’S May Store Sale. The 49 well bred Angus steers sold for 440c/kg, and averaged 348.9kg!