PHOTO: Second time winners of a best presented pen at WVLX, this time for Steers, was Charles and Cass Kimpton of Glenthompson with their pen of 45 Angus x Angus Steers, which had an average weight of 442kg and sold for 323c/kg.

Total Yarding: 1,476

Another very good yarding of outstanding quality feeder steers came forward and sold to better than expected rates with some regular feeder buyers not able to compete. Also a good line of heavier cattle went to South Gippsland. Obviously well-bred Angus EU cattle are in short supply.

The WVLX monthly store sale is fast becoming a marketplace for the sale of western district lines of feeder steers and weaner cattle.

Included in the yarding were some very good lines of spring-drop steer and heifer calves, excellent in breeding and also sold to the firm rates of last sale, purchased by mostly local buyers.

Again we saw a good yarding of dairy-bred steers and heifers varying in weights and age and also met very keen demand for this time of the year.

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President.

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