PHOTO:  These well-covered Hereford Heifers won the ribbon today for best presented Heifers. Owner Jason Swayn of Yarram Park was thrilled with the honour and was very happy with his price of 270c/kg, saying it was more than he expected.

Total Yarding: 2,848

Another very well attended store cattle sale at WVLX today, with an amazing crowd including the usual feedlot and store buyers in attendance. There was also a little interest from the south east of South Australia. Amongst the crowd were some northern agents looking to possibly support the Mortlake complex in the near future owing to their drought conditions.

Today’s yarding contained a large portion of quality local cattle, and up to 40% of consignments from the drought affected areas of the Riverina and areas of NSW, with these livestock showing the condition of drought cattle.

The very well-bred Angus and Hereford cattle with weight sold to a good demand equal to or a shade dearer than the last store sale. There was also a few pens of Euro cattle that met to firm demand.

All the light-weight steer and heifer calves, including bobby calves sold to a weaker demand and were down on the last sale.

A heavier yarding of cows and calves came forward, calves ranging in size and cows from store condition to forward store condition, with the top pen of cows and calves making $1600p/h.

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President.

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