Market Report Store Sale 19th December 2019

Top: These weighed weaner angus steers  topped the market today at the store sale making 329c/kg. $1081ph, Sold by Charles Stewart Nash McVilly.

There were more than 1000 head of cattle yarded at WVLX Mortlake today. There were a reasonable line up of steers, heifers, weaners, calves and cows presented across the board. 

Grown steers 400+kg made from 270-300c/kg. 350-400kg steers topped at 318c/kg and majority between 300-315c/kg. 

Weaner steers topped at 329c/kg majority making between 300-320c/kg. There was a boat order here, however the struggled to purchase cattle at the rate.

Open auction steers topped at $1000 per head and majority making $850-$930/hd. 

Grown heifer section, 400+ kg topped at 264c/kg. Which was great considering current rates. 350-400kg heifers 345-355c/kg. This was a significant dropoff, since if heifers are under 350kg making from 230-240c/kg. 

Weaner heifers topped out at 280c/kg for some Limousin X cattle, the majority making 240-260c/kg. 

Cross bred steers made up to 220c/kg. There were a run of young Friesian steers which were presented in the open auction section. These steers topped at $480/hd and averaged at $420.