Auctioneer Joshua McDonald and agent Ben McVean from Nutrien Livestock pictured above with “The Best Presented Steers” Ribbon for the Hazelwood Farm steers which made 420c/kg, averaging $1911.50 per head!

Store Sale -18th of June, 2020

WVLX’s June Store sale was a great success with yet another massive yarding consisting of a quality run of Grown steers & heifers and a great run of weighed weaner cattle. Grown steers topped out at 444c/kg or $2152.80 per head, majority making between 400-430c/kg. Weighed weaner steers topped at 502c/kg and the bulk making between 400-440c/kg. Open auction cattle topped at $1310 per head or a shade over 500c/kg. The Grown Heifer portion was slightly down at this month’s Store Sale but still remained firm with top pen fetching 408c/kg or $2027.30 per head and the balance making between 390c/kg-400c/kg. The quality run of Weaner Heifers topped at 432c/kg or $1751.49 per head. Open auction heifers were consistent as it proved difficult to buy anything under $1000 with top pen fetching $1150 per head.

There were 101 Cows & Calves presented today with the top making $2040 per head with the balance making between $1600-$1800 per head. PTIC Heifers topped out at $1800, with the majority making between $1500-$1600. PTIC Cows topped at $1870, with the bulk making between $1400-$1600. Crossbreed Steers went under the hammer for a top of 360c/kg the balance making between 330-350c/kg. Friesan Steers topped at 305c/kg, with the bulk making between 290-300c/kg.

Market Report:​WVLX Agent’s Association President.