PHOTO: Ken Davis of Condah Hills (pictured with LMB Livestock agent Hugh Douglas) once again had the best presented pen of steers for these Angus Steers that were first cab off the rank today and sold for 302c/kg (ave weight 526.2kg). Ken also had the highest priced pen of steers in the next pen, which sold for a market top of 322c/kg (ave weight 505.5kg). Great job Ken!

Total Yarding: 3,721

We had a much larger yarding, close on 4000 cattle, for the April Store Sale with demand high for 380+kg Steers and Heifers alike.

Angus Steers topped at 322c/kg which is a 10c rise on last month’s store sale. Weaner Steers reached a top of 318c/kg, while Open Auction Steers reached a high of $800ph.

Grown Heifers made a top of 300c/kg which is a 20c rise on last month, while Weaner Heifers sold to 288c/kg putting them 10c up on the March store sale. Open Auction Heifers made up to $570ph which was firm on last sale.

Cows & Calves topped at $1260ph, with Joined Cows topping at $1600ph. Cross-bred Steers made up to 238c/kg.  

There was great buyer support from major feedlots, and also South Australia and local buyers, leading to keen competition, and resulting in a very strong market being 10c dearer on Steers and 20c dearer on Heifers, which was a great outcome for vendors.

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President.

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