PHOTO: LJ Hamilton & WA Weston had this great pen of Angus cows that reached a top of 329c/kg at WVLX Mortlake under the Nutrien Ag hammer, averaging $2278ph.

Total Yarding: 1,109

Mortlake selling agents yarded in excess of 1,100 cattle this week in line with regular weekly numbers. The offering was an improvement in quality to the yarding prior to the Easter break. There was a good run of grown steers and heifers along with a good top in the trade cattle. Regular buyers were present along with additional restocker interest. The yarding comprised 210 grown cattle, 340 trade and 550 cows in good order.   

The market was strong over all categories. Cows were 30c/kg stronger. Trade cattle along with the heavier cattle were 10 to 15c/kg dearer for the tops with manufacturing cattle 15c/kg stronger. The pick of the veal was making from 420 to 480c/kg with the yearling steers and heifers from 390 to 418c/kg.   

Grown cattle topped at 390c/kg with manufacturing steers from 298 to 366c/kg. Good heavy beef cows realized from 290 to 329c/kg, medium weights 240 to 270c/kg with well covered dairy breeds from 270 to 282c/kg. Beef bulls sold to 276c/kg. 

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.