PHOTO: Elders Kerr & Co sold this fantastic pen of weaned Angus steers on behalf of the Draffen Properties, which topped the market at a very high 804c/kg, returning $1774ph! The Draffens presented a great lineup of 307 cattle over the course of the day, with a pen of their weaner heifers also equalling the top price in that category of 710c/kg.  


Yarding: 4,470

Agents yarded just shy of 4500 cattle in what was another quality yarding at the October store sale in Mortlake.

Grown steers sold firm on last month, topping out at 660c/kg and over $3000ph.

The highlight of the day were the weaner steers with the majority of these calves making in excess of 680c/kg, and a lot of them making over 700c/kg coming out at over $2000ph. The market top were the Draffen Properties Angus weaner steers which made 804c/kg.

Weaner heifers followed suit and sold extremely well with high demand for good quality Angus heifers heading back to the paddock to meet the bull. These heifers made from 650-710c/kg, coming out between $2000-$2300ph.

Cows & calves topped at $4100ph for an Angus pen from Tambryn Park, and there was a big yarding of F1 and Friesian steers that sold to good demand. The majority of these F1 cross steers made in excess of 500c/kg.

Congratulations to Fiveways Angus for their best presented pen of Angus weaner steers that sold for 714c/kg, returning $2136ph and also to Emu Downs for their best presented pen of weaned Angus heifers that made 680c/kg, returning $2135ph.

All in all another outstanding result in Mortlake and our congratulations to all vendors on presenting their cattle in such excellent condition.

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Matt Baxter. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.