PHOTO: The Mt Myrtoon Trust Angus weaner steers that Charles Stewart Nash McVilly sold topped the August store sale at a massive 814c/kg, returning $1194ph. 

Yarding: 4,776

It was a bright sunny day for the August store sale where agents yarded just shy of 4800 cattle. It was a great quality yarding and quoted by many as the dearest sale they’ve ever seen.

Heavy feeder steers topped at 574c/kg, with extra heavy steers weighing in the mid 600kg bracket making almost 500c/kg, coming out at $3200-3300ph.

The bulk of the weaner steers made between 600-700c/kg with Angus heifer weaners suitable to breed with heading back to the paddock, making similar money. These weaner steers and heifers came out at $1800-2200ph.

Grown heifers followed the trend of the steers, with some huge results. The bulk of the grown heifers made between 480-550c/kg.

Cows & Calf section topped at $3700 for some 3 in 1 units. And we saw a massive rise in F1 and Friesian steer prices at Mortlake also.

All in all an outstanding result in Mortlake for vendors. The next store sale will be held on Thursday 16th September.

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Matt Baxter. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.