Prime Cattle Sale Market Report 06 January 2020

Top: Murray Grey Bullocks that topped the market today at WVLX. Making 286c/kg ($1413.91). Sold by Elders Kerr & Co.

Agents yarded 326 cattle at Mortlake today. The overall quality of the yarding was average to very good. All the major buyers were present with the exception of one processor whom competed on a market that was firm to slightly softer in places than the last market held in December 2019. The yarding comprised of 48 bullocks, 94 heifers, 83 steers, 99 cows and 9 bulls

Vealer steers, C3, sold to the trade from 248c to 263c/kg. Heifer vealers, C3 sold to the trade from 242c to 264c/kg. Yearlings, C muscled, made from 210c to 262c/kg for both heifers and steers.

Grown steers, C3 and C4 made from 210c to 286c/kg and the heifer portion made from 200c to 285c/kg. Manufacturing steers sold from 190c to 235c/kg. The cows offered today were mainly beef bred with the C3 and C4 cows making from 200c to 230c/kg and the D1 cows sold from 120c to 171c/kg. Bulls, beef bred, sold from 245c to 260c/kg.