PHOTO: HF Richardson sold this great pen of Angus Steers for the market top of 465c/kg on behalf of Ferndale Agriculture Co, returning $1564ph.


Total Yarding:  584

Most of the regular following of meat processors were represented at the reduced yarding of 584 cattle, 187 less. Quality was again average to good and prices were generally unchanged to cheaper. The exception was restocking lines, which were up to 30c/kg dearer due to keener competition. Cows sold 5c to 10c/kg easier and young cattle to processors varied but were mainly on an easier price trend. The grown steers made 10c to 15c more for the light to medium weights but heavier steers sold 10c cheaper and in places lost up to 40c/kg.

The handful of vealers made 410c to 460c to processors and restockers while the yearlings to processors were between 383c and 407c with a single steer at 459c/kg. Restockers paid from 375c to 450c for the bulk of their purchases and up to 465c/kg for the best of their steers.

Light to medium weight grown steers sold from 380c to 411c with restockers paying to 430c/kg. The heavier grown steers made 325c to 358c and restockers paid 370c to 398c/kg. Friesian steers were between 285c and 331c/kg for the plain to good quality.

Beef cows sold from 270c to 316c and the few better covered dairy cows made 256c to 258c/kg. Leaner cows were between 218c and 240c with the poor to plain conditioned cows from 195c to 235c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.