Total Yarding: 544

Quality was more mixed in the offering of 544 cattle at the February 14 Prime Market in Mortlake, and demand was weaker from the usual field of buyers. Buyers were selective in their purchases with better suited young cattle mostly unchanged in prices. Plain quality however was cheaper except when restockers stepped in, then prices lifted up to 20c/kg.

The grown steers sold equal to 20c cheaper, odd sales much cheaper but restockers paid 10c to 20c/kg more. Beef cows to processors were 30c cheaper however restockers paid on average 20c/kg more. The leaner conditioned cows were 30c to 60c lower to processors but restockers averaged only 20c/kg less. The beef bulls lost 30c to 60c/kg.

Most vealers sold between 500c and 561c with a light weight pen to restockers at 597c/kg. The yearling steers mainly went to restockers and they paid 440c to 544c/kg. The heifer portion to restockers and processors made 420c to 510c with restockers going to a top of 525c/kg. 

Grown steer prices varied widely from 360c to 430c for 2 and 4 tooths to processors and from 410c to 476c/kg to restockers.

Beef cows made 276c to 330c and restockers paid 300c to 440c/kg. The leaner cows sold from 150c to 220c and restockers paid 200c to 357c/kg. The few lighter conditioned cows sold between 130c and 180c/kg. Beef bulls made 230c to a top of 300c/kg.     

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.  Click HERE for full WVLX market report.