PHOTO: This ripping pen of Speckle Park weaner heifers was the Best Presented pen of heifers today and sold for 520c/kg, returning $2059ph for TG, JH, PA & BC Riches. Meanwhile JW & CK McMahon received the Best Presented pen of steers for their large pen of grown Angus fellas that Elders Kerr & Co sold for 600c/kg, returning $2528ph.  Congratulations to both vendors!

Yarding: 2,152

There were nearly 2200 cattle yarded at WVLX Mortlake on the 2nd December for the first of the bimonthly store sales, which was described as a solid result.

Heavy grown steers over 550kg were firm to slightly cheaper on last sale’s very high rates. Feeder steers 450-510kg were firm to 10c dearer, topping at 592c/kg for the Wistow West pen of 39 Angus grown steers (weight 497.2kg).

There was less competition on heavy grown heifers which topped at 530c/kg for JS & WE Berg’s Angus X pen.

It was a very mixed quality yarding of weaner and yearling cattle. The really good quality feature lines sold extremely well with one line of Angus steers on account of FJ & ML Templeton weighing 301kg making 800c/kg. Karmichael Angus had a great run of weaner heifers which topped the category at 684c/kg for a pen weighing 256.8kg.

Congratulations go to the winners of the Best Presented Pens! JW & CK McMahon took out the best steers award for their pen of 39 Angus grown steers which sold for 600c/kg (weight 421.3kg). TG, JH, PA & BC Riches won the best heifers for their pen of 19 Speckle Park weaner heifers that sold for 520c/kg (weight 396.1kg). Well done!

Our next store sale will be held on 16 December at 10am and is the last sale for the year at WVLX Mortlake. We return in 2022 on Thursday 6th January at 10am for the Feature Female Sale.

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Matt Sculley. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.