PHOTO: These little rippers topped the market today at 640c/kg. Weighing 336kg, these Angus Steers that Charles Stewart Nash McVilly sold returned $2150ph for vendor Doug Vagg. Great job Doug!

Total Yarding: 509

Most of the usual buyers were present for the mainly good quality yarding of 509 cattle, 39 more. Competition was fairly steady but the vealers sold 10c to 20c dearer while yearlings made on average 20c/kg less with odd restocking sales dearer. There were more finished grown steers this week and they sold at similar prices to last week but averaged slightly easier overall because of the better quality on offer. Cows averaged a shade dearer and beef bulls lifted a further 10c to 12c/kg.

The odd few vealers to the trade sold at 520c, 546c and 567c while restockers paid mostly 544c to 585c with six head topping at 640c/kg. The yearlings to the trade sold between 423c and 494c while restockers paid 405c to 548c/kg. Plain and dairy bred yearlings made 315c to 400c with restockers going to 411c/kg.

Grown steers were from 438c to 494c and restockers paid to 500c/kg. Friesian steers were between 380c and 410c and grown heifers made 422c to 474c/kg.

Beef cows were between 380c and 428c with dairy cows from 378c to 402c and leaner types made 340c to 368c/kg. Poor to plain quality cows sold from 280c to 300c/kg. Beef bulls made 340c to 374c with a restocker paying 384c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for the full WVLX market report.