PHOTO: Great to see 3 generations of the Wines family at Thursday’s store sale – Zoe (13), father Damian and his father Peter! The Angus steers from their Cooriemungle property ‘Windy View’ were sold by Southern Grampians Livestock for 268c/kg, averaging $1348ph, while their Angus steers from ‘Purleigh’ in Garvoc reached 265c/kg, returning $1339ph.

Yarding: 4,053

Agents yarded 4,053 head at the fortnightly Mortlake store cattle sale. A better quality offering with a good line up of well bred yearlings and weaners with steers taking up to close to 75% of the total penning. However there were places within the sale that quality did vary from good to average. A larger crowd attended with interest coming from South Australia, Wimmera, Gippsland, Northern Victoria and the Western Districts. There was an increase in feeder activity especially for suitable steers within the offering and a few processors attended. The sale varied in places with the well bred and good quality steers throughout the sale selling from unchanged to 20c/kg softer with extra competition coming from the feeders at times. Some of the other sales for steers were back from 20c to 40c/kg as restockers were selective and not all operating fully. Heifers sold to a significant drop in demand. The well bred pens selling from 20c to 30c/kg cheaper on a month ago with some sales back between 50c to 70c/kg and back further at times.

Light Angus weaner steers sold from 100c to 304c/kg, medium weights were from 200c to 320c/kg and the Angus weaners over 330kg made between 254c to the market top of 336c/kg. The average price for the better quality Angus steer weaners ranged from 290c to 303c/kg. Hereford steer weaners sold from 204c to 254c/kg, British cross steers made 155c to 232c/kg and the European cross breeds were mainly from 184c to 262c/kg. The lighter weaner heifers of all breeds sold from 100c to 140c/kg. Medium weight Angus heifer weaners sold from 150c to 250c/kg and the heavier heifers made from 170c to 218c/kg. European and European cross heifer weaners were mostly from 128c to 220c/kg with the British cross heifer weaners selling from 100c to 254c/kg.

Angus yearling steers above 400kg lwt sold from 200c to 288c/kg averaging close to 260c/kg, Hereford steers made from 200c to 242c/kg and the British cross sales sold from 180c to 258c/kg. Medium weight Angus yearling steers were from 160c to 296c/kg and the lighter weight pens made from 180c to 328c/kg. Hereford medium weight steers sold from 212c to 258c/kg, Angus Hereford cross steers made 220c to 242c/kg and the European cross pens selling between 168c to 258c/kg. Most sales for the lighter yearling steers of all the other breeds were from 160c to 216c/kg. Good quality Angus yearling heifers sold from 210c to 245c/kg, medium weights made 110c to 230c/kg and the lighter Angus heifer sales were from 132c to 218c/kg. Hereford yearling heifers sold from 100c to 200c/kg, Angus cross heifers made 190c to 238c/kg and the European cross yearling heifers realised 148c to 232c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers of all other breeds mostly made from 100c to 200c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Tim Delaney). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.