PHOTO: Jamie Hetherington of Southall was all smiles yesterday at the Feature Spring Drop Weaner Sale where he sold 170 steers and heifers through Southern Grampians Livestock. The steers made to a top of 800c/kg/$2149ph and the heifers to 650c/kg/$1772ph.

Yarding: 4,141

There were just over 4000 cattle yarded at our Annual Feature Spring Drop Weaner Sale, in what was another very strong sale here at Mortlake. 

Heavier steers sold very well as did the feature lines of steers, however some secondary lines of steers were slightly cheaper than the last sale a fortnight ago. 

The top c/kg price was 812c/kg for a run of 61 Angus weaner steers on account of  J Matthews & D Ford, weighing 204kg and returning $1659ph.

The Kent Family Trust had a heavier Angus X steer weighing 450kg that topped at $2610ph when it was sold for 580c/kg.  

Weaner heifers attracted less competition with the prices reflecting this, although bidding was keen from Auctions Plus.

J Matthews & D Ford had a terrific run of 39 Angus weaner heifers that sold for 732c/kg. Weighing a light 195kg they averaged $1429ph.

Meanwhile there were 5 Charolais X heifers weighing 356kg on account of R & J Aldridge that returned $2086ph when they were sold for 586c/kg. 

Certainly plenty of interest at today’s weaner sale as pricing continues to bring great results for vendors. The next store sale at Mortlake will be held on Thursday 19th May at 10am – hope to see you there! 


Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Matt Sculley. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.