PHOTO: Byron Blain of Cowleys Creek, Timboon sold 121 cattle today including Angus X grown steers to a top of 336c/kg, $1937ph and Angus X Hereford grown heifers to a top of 300c/kg, $1478ph under the Charles Stewart Nash McVilly hammer.

Mortlake agents yarded 5,456 cattle at their regular store sale which were predominantly young cattle displaying excellent breeding from the western district. However with the prevailing dry conditions being experienced, many of the cattle were showing the effects, with the overall weight and condition being less on the last offering at Mortlake. The offering consisted of 1,116 grown cattle, 2,078 weaner steers, 927 grown heifers and 1,335 weaner heifers being predominantly Angus Bred.

Most of the regular store buyers, feed lotters and processors were present from NSW, Gippsland and local areas. Despite the fall in weight and condition it was a very strong sale over all categories with the grown steers gaining 15 to 20c/kg and weaner steers stronger by 20 to 30c/kg and more in places.  Weaner heifers together with the grown heifers were 20c/kg stronger – the main strength coming from Gippsland and areas in NSW experiencing a better season.

Weaner Angus steers made from 330c to 406c/kg for the better quality. Black Baldys sold from 320c to 355c/kg and the Euro Cross weaners  sold from 292c to 320c/kg. Older grown Angus steers sold from 300c to 378c/kg with the older black Baldys from 250c to 360c/kg. Herefords made from 265c to 342c/kg and the older European breeds from 255c to 340c/kg.

Angus weaner heifers made from 290c to 368c/kg for the better end. Black Baldys sold from 255c to 285c/kg. Herefords made from 280c to 350c/kg and the European breeds made from 234c to 262c/kg with grown Angus heifers making from 290c to 368c/kg. Black  Baldys sold from 300c to 328c/kg and the European breeds made to 320 c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Chris Agnew). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.