PHOTO: Charles & Cass Kimpton, Toora West owners, were all smiles at WVLX where they sold just shy of 600 grown steers and heifers. Amongst their results were a great pen of grown Angus heifers that averaged a top of $3103ph (628c/kg) and three pens of grown Angus steers that averaged a top of $3273ph (562c/kg).


Yarding: 5,737

Mortlake’s second April store sale saw a very good quality yarding of nearly 6000 head of cattle, attended by a big crowd possibly bolstered by school holidays and strong representation from major feedlotters and other buyers including Auctions Plus. 

The grown steers and heifers were strong across the board, a highlight of which was a feature line of Toora West cattle (nearly 600 in total!) which deservedly sold extremely well. One of their runs of 97 Angus grown steers averaged $3273ph selling for 562c/kg (weighing 582kg), while their pen of 12 Angus grown heifers returned $3103ph when the 494kg lot sold for 628c/kg. 

Banuke Pastoral Company sold the top c/kg grown steers @ 630c/kg for a pen of 20 Angus weighing 475kg averaging $2996ph while Toora West had the top grown heifers price @ 658c/kg for 29 Angus weighing 387kg averaging $2544ph. 

Weaner steers & heifers were keenly competed for which resulted in strong returns. There were more lighter steers than heifers in the 220-280kg category. Weaner steers topped at 836c/kg or $1689ph for a pen of 21 Angus on account of R & V Finch weighing 202kg, while DCF Marine had a great pen of 35 Angus weaner steers that reached 818c/kg for a weight of 260kg, averaging $2130ph.

Weaner heifers topped at 748c/kg for a run of 44 Angus on account of JV & MT Carroll which averaged $1593ph and DP & MK Meagher had a great pen of 19 Angus weaner heifers that returned $2364ph when they sold for 614c/kg. 

Cows & Calves topped at $3500ph for a pen of 20 Angus on account of Benara Pastoral, while Argyle Transporters had the top PTIC Heifer which sold for $2700ph.

Overall we congratulate the vendors on presenting their cattle in such good condition and thank all the buyers and agents for attending. Please note we will be holding a Feature Spring Drop Weaner Sale on Thursday 5th May in Mortlake at 10am – hope to see you there!

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Matt Sculley. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.