PHOTO: This great pen of Angus yearling steers topped the WVLX Prime Market today at 530c/kg. Elders Kerr & Co sold the pen on behalf of Chazlan Park, which returned $1974ph.

Total Yarding: 529

There was a mixed quality selection of 529 cattle, 66 more than last week, for the usual following of buyers. Prices averaged very close to last week for young and grown cattle, although restockers paid a little more at the top end for yearlings. Dairy bred grown heifers were slightly dearer but dairy cows sold 20c to 30c/kg cheaper and beef cows remained equal.

The few yearling steers nearly all went to restockers, paying from 463c to 480c and reaching a top at 530c/kg. The much larger penning of yearling heifers this week saw restockers pay mostly from 410c to 492c for the better quality heifers, while the trade paid mainly from 390c to 485c with a top sale at 498c/kg. The dairy and plain quality yearling heifers made from 250c to 350c and restockers paid up to 380c/kg.

The few grown steers ranged from 420c to 430c with a sale out to 454c and restockers paid from 426c to 449c/kg. Beef bred grown heifers made from 415c to 440c and the dairy breeds sold from 355c and 396c/kg. Beef bred cows sold between 332c and 402c with the few better covered dairy cows making from 280c to 298c/kg. Lean conditioned cows made from 240c to 288c and the poorer types ranged from 226c to 252c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.