PHOTO: Topping the market today was this pen of Angus bullocks that Elders Kerr & Co sold for 350c/kg, averaging $2443ph for Tanwood Estate P/L.

Numbers increased to 1,690 head at Mortlake this week representing an increase of some 230 head on the previous week’s offering. The lead offered a good quality selection whilst again, more secondary and plainer cattle were obvious throughout the yarding of trade weight cattle. Quite a few of the beef and dairy cows were also displaying the signs of the dry conditions once off the lead pens. The sale comprised 235 grown cattle, 502 trade weights, 934 cows and 19 grown bulls. Not all the regular buyers were present or fully active, however feeder operators were engaged.

Despite the absence of some major operators the market was resilient and was fully firm to slightly softer over the grown cattle and any trade weights displaying cover and breeding gained 25c/kg with the secondary types cheaper by 35c/kg. The bullocks and grown cattle carried solid weight and finish with very few manufacturing types on offer. The better covered beef cows remained firm however the lighter cows and dairy bred types were softer by 15 to 25c/kg and grown bulls lost 20c/kg.

A small number of vealers sold to 300c/kg with the trade weight steers and heifers making between 285c and 330c/kg. Grown cattle topped at 350c/kg with manufacturing steers selling up to 258c/kg. Heavy beef cows sold from 200 to 265c/kg with the medium weights between 135 and 190c/kg. The better covered dairy cows were generally making between 150 and 210c/kg and grown beef bulls to the trade topping at 218c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.