PHOTO: Geoff Saffin presented 40 Angus weaner steers at WVLX Mortlake today that Nutrien Ag sold for 408-418c/kg, returning $1463-1621ph, as well as a pen of 17 Angus weaner heifers for 322c/kg, averaging $1013ph.

Yarding: 4,712

Agents yarded 4,712 head at their fortnightly store sale. The penning consisted of excellent Western District weaner and yearling cattle with the majority of the yarding Angus bred. A larger buying gallery attended with the offering suiting feeders, processors and the restockers. Bidding remained consistent for the yearling steers and weaner steer sections of the sale as they mostly sold to fully firm. Heifers sold to less demand with the yearling and lighter weight weaner heifers selling 5c to 20c/kg easier while the medium to heavier weight heifer weaners sold from 20c to 35c/kg weaker in places.

The heavier Angus steer weaners made 390c to 430c/kg, medium weights sold from 360c to 460c/kg and lighter pens made from 468c to 504c/kg. European cross steer weaners were from 330c to 358c/kg and the other British breeds made 330c to 450c/kg. Angus heifer weaners above 330kg sold from 310c to 335c/kg and the medium to lighter weight pens made 274c to 358c/kg. European cross heifer weaners sold from 298c to 330c/kg with the British crosses selling from mostly 285c to 326c/kg.

Heavy steers made 330c to 360c/kg, Angus yearling steers sold from 288c to 410c/kg and a light-weight pen reached 444c/kg. Hereford yearling steers made from 325c to 378c/kg and Black Baldy steers sold to 398c/kg. The good Angus yearling heifers made 310c to 372c/kg, British breeds sold from 284c to 350c/kg and the plainer heifers during the sale made 230c to 326c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Tim Delaney). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.