Elders Kerr & Co Presented an outstanding pen of  5 Angus Steers on behalf of VF & SJ Tucker which topped the market today going under the hammer for 418c/kg, averaging $1254.00 per head! 

Total Yarding: 696

Agents yarded 696 cattle at Mortlake today, a similar number to last week’s offering. There was a very good offering of grown steers as well as trade cattle this week. The offering of cows was similar to last week being mixed with about half of the yarding being dairy bred. All the major operators and processors as well as feeders were present and operated in a market that was firm to slightly softer in places. It was underpinned by feeders and restockers. Grown steers and heifers were 5c/kg softer. Yearling steers and heifers to the trade were firm. The heavy cows were firm and the lesser quality cows were easier by 5c/kg. The offering was made up of 189 bullocks, 280 trade cattle, 224 cows and 5 grown bulls.

There were a few more milk vealers on offer this week and they made from 380c to 418c/kg. Yearling steers to the trade realised 346c to 405c with the heifer portion making from 343c and 415c/kg. Feeders and restockers paid to 392c/kg. The grown steers made from 340c to 400c with the grown heifers making from 310c to 390c and the feeders paid to 370c/kg.

Manufacturing steers made from 280c to 340c/kg. The heavy beef bred cows sold from 282c to 316c and the medium weights, beef bred, made from 240c to 300c/kg. The very well covered dairy cows sold from 245c to 277c and the medium weights realised 230c to 265c, with very light cows making from 210c to 235c/kg. Cows back to the paddock sold to 268c/kg. Grown bulls, beef bred, sold to 260c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full report.