PHOTO: Alisha Adams with the adorable Maddison McRae (9mths) bought this top pen of Speckle Park Cows & Calves for $2,090ph for her parents who are starting to rear the sought-after breed. 

Total Yarding: 1,297

Despite the temperature not getting much above 10 degrees, there was a large turnout of buyers, vendors, agents and onlookers today at the August Store Sale, which saw extremely well-bred cattle on offer, lacking a bit of condition due to usual winter circumstances.

Grown Steers topped at 352c/kg which is slightly down on last month, but the condition of the cattle was just a bit lighter. The Weighed Weaner Steers were in the 346c/kg bracket and were keenly sought after. Open Auction Steers topped at $1,030 for a pen of Black Baldys with not a lot of weight to them (around 250-260kg), however lighter Open Auction Steers sold $100 dearer than last month comfortably. 

Heifers were very strong again this month, and although they didn’t have the condition of last month or the lines of cattle from the last sale, they still sold in the 300-320c/kg bracket without any trouble.  The Open Auction Heifers were well-bred but in light, poor condition, selling very expensive with most at $600 upwards. A quality pen of Speckle Park Cows & Calves made a top price of $2,090ph with the Angus Cows & Calves reaching $1,420ph. 

There was a big run of X-Bred Steers today compared to previous months and they were dearer, making 220-235c/kg, while the straight Friesian Steers made up to 220c/kg. The lighter X-Bred Steers sold for around $500-$640 and the small Friesian Steers made around the $350-$400 mark. The few F1 Heifers in the sale reached the $600 bracket. 

Overall, the quality of breeding presented today was excellent and it was a very strong and solid winter market despite most cattle showing winter conditions. Our thanks to all who attended.

Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President.

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