PHOTO: Topping the market at a high 678c/kg at the May Store Sale was this pen of Hereford Weaner Steers which Elders Kerr & Co sold on behalf of Langowan, returning $1302 per head. 

Yarding: 5,196

Agents again yarded over 5000 cattle at the May store sale in Mortlake, despite a spring drop weaner sale scheduled here again next week.

The sale consisted of 1200 grown steers which sold to a very strong demand with the best of the feeder steers either side of 500kg topping at 496c/kg. Most of the good runs of black steers made between 470 and 495c/kg, coming out at $2300-2550ph for the top of the feeder steers. Steers closer to 400kg consistently made over 500c/kg, which was an outstanding result in the grown steers today.

The weaner steers made between 520-560c/kg, or a touch over $2000 for the tops. The lighter end of the steers changed hands for between 600-680c/kg and were highlighted by the 530 Moyne Falls calves that sold very well once again.

Heavy feeder heifers followed on from the result of the steers, selling to an extremely strong demand with the top end of the heifers making between 450-475c/kg and coming out around $2000-2200ph.

Weaner heifers were headlined by the 300 Moyne Falls Heifers which made between 600-650c/kg.

Cows & Calves topped at $3625ph for Angus Heifers with Autumn drop calves at foot. The cross bred section later on in the sale still sold extremely well, with the top end of the heavy cross bred steers that were around 450-500kg making between 390-430c/kg.

Overall a very good result in Mortlake, with an average over the whole yarding close enough to 500c/kg which is an extraordinary outcome for vendors. Congratulations to all!

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President, Matt Baxter. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.