PHOTO: Topping the store cattle sale today was this pen of PTIC Angus cows that HF Richardson sold on behalf of IL & PA Potter for $2100ph.

Mortlake fortnightly store cattle sale yarded 2361 cattle, made up of Cows & Calves, PTIC cows & Heifers, Beef bred steers & heifers and crossbred cattle. the quality varies throughout the yarding with a large portion were plainer secondary types. Not all the usual buying group attended, most were operating along with a large group of onlookers. The mark opened on the cows & calves and PTIC females which sold to a dearer trend. Young weaner steers sold firm to a few cents cheaper with quality a factor, while the older steers sold firm to a 10c cents dearer. Heifers sold to 10c cheaper, again quality was a factor.

Angus weaner steers sold from 310c to 370c, Black Baldy’s made from 326c to 358c and other breeds 220c to 320c, other beef breeds sold from 300c to 346c/kg. Older Angus steers made from 320c to 362c, Black Baldy steers sold from 310c to 368c, Herefords steers made 250c to 348c and other beef breeds sold from 298c to 342c/kg. Friesian crossbred steers made from 125c to 310c and Friesian Steers sold from 188c to 232c/kg.

Weaner Angus heifers sold from 260c to 312c, Black Baldy’s made from 295c to 318c and other breeds 210c to 302c/kg. Older beef breed heifers made from 239c to 326c/kg. Friesian crossbred heifers sold from 135c to 262c/kg.   Angus cow with Calves at foot sold from $1500 to $2000 for the better quality and all other breeds sold from $1000 to $1650/head.  PTIC Heifers made from $950 to $1625, and PTIC cows made from $1140 to $2100/head.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Sheona Lamb). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.