PHOTO: Caz Kimpton and grandson Angus McGillivray of Toora West sold 357 Angus grown steers ranging 364-376c/kg $1450-2037ph, as well as 238 Angus grown heifers ranging 316-320c/kg, $1212-1472ph.

Mortlake’s fortnightly store market yarded 5,765 head, quality ranged from plain to very good, with cattle starting to show the effects of the colder conditions, a large portion of the yarding consisted of Angus breed cattle. Most of the usual buying group are present from over Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales and were operating in a mostly strong market.  The better quality weaner, yearling and grown cattle sold firm to 10c cents dearer to the comparison market 4 weeks ago, but to 20c to 40c dearer to the crossbred sale last fortnight.  The plainer secondary types were discounted throughout the market as buyers lacked any bidding intensity over these pens, in places sales were to 10c cheaper.

Weaner Angus steers made from 308c to 386c for the better quality and the secondary types sold from 220c to 303c/kg. Black Baldy’s sold from 270c to 353c and the Euro breed sold from 210c to 332c/kg. Older yearling and grown Angus steers sold from 284c to 376c, the Black Baldy’s made from 288c to 350c/kg. Herefords made from 294c to 318c and the Euro breeds from 210c to 310c/kg.

Angus weaner heifers sold from 278c to 328c for the better quality and the plainer secondary types sold from 212c to 258c/kg. Black Baldy’s sold from 254c to 272c/kg.  Herefords made from 200c to 286c, and the Euro breeds sold from 172c to 270c, with a few pens of Simmental heifers selling from 312 to 330c/kg. Yearling Angus heifers made from 240c to 334c, Black Baldy’s sold from 240c to 322c, and the Euro breeds made from 220c to 318c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Sheona Lamb). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.