PHOTO: FW & LE Love presented this pen of Charolais X cows at the WVLX Prime Cattle Market that J & J Kelly sold for a top of 270c/kg, fetching $1941ph. 

Mortlake numbers were reduced this week to 1,290 head being a significant drop of 1,540 on last week’s prime cattle market. The lead of the cattle over most categories displayed good weight however there was a longer tail in the penning of crossbred cattle. There was plenty of weight in the grown cattle and bullocks as with the cow yarding which offered a good selection to the buyers present operating on 280 grown cattle along with 600 trade weights, 384 cows and 26 grown bulls. Not all buyers were present or active in a market that was fully firm over most categories with the cows improving 10c/kg along with the grown bulls improving some 20c/kg.

This week’s offering of vealers made from 275c to 330c/kg. Trade weight steers and heifers were selling between 265c and 316c/kg with grown cattle topping at 304c/kg. Manufacturing steers sold to a top 272c/kg. Heavy beef cows  sold from 220c to 270c with the majority selling between 220c and 257c with the medium weights between 180 and 220c/kg.  The run of dairy cows were generally between 185c and 234c/kg with grown beef bulls to 225c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.