PHOTO: Representing Furneaux were (from back left) son Dougal, parents Georgie and Bobby Mann with agent Bill O’Brien, and (from front left) children Jack and Liv Mann. They sold 157 Angus weaner steers to a top of 324c/kg, $1198ph.

WVLX Mortlake held their Feature Weaner Sale, yarding 5700 head. The yarding mostly consisted of Angus breed cattle, the quality was mainly excellent with a few secondary pens toward the end of each agent’s run. A large buying gallery attended from all over Victoria, Southern and northern New South Wales, South Australia and southern Queensland, they operated in a market that was softer over the lighter weight weaner steers and 10c to 15c dearer for the heavier weights from last month’s sale, while the better quality Angus heifers averaged to 30c stronger with isolated sales to 50c/kg dearer.

Heavy weight Angus steers made from 288c to 340c, medium weights sold from 270c to 341c and the lighter weights made from 248c to 336c/kg. Black Baldy steers sold from 280c to 310c, Herefords steers made 265c to 290c and all other breeds sold from 264c to 291c/kg.

Angus heifers sold from 246c to 332c for the heavier weights, light and medium weights made from 204c to 328c/kg. Black Baldy heifers sold from 216c to 260c, Hereford heifers made from 170c to 234c and other breeds sold from 230c to 260c/kg.

Market Report: Report produced courtesy of MLA. Market reporter Sheona Lamb. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.