PHOTO: Ros and Peter Craig sold a pen of Angus grown steers through Charles Stewart Nash McVilly that made a high 320c/kg, returning $1866ph.

Mortlake fortnightly store sale yarded 4200 cattle, quality ranged from plain to excellent, most of the yarding consisting of nice lines of Angus breed cattle.  A large buying gallery and onlookers attended from all over Victoria, Southern and northern New South Wales, South Australia and operated in stronger market to a fortnight ago. The market opened on the older yearling steers selling 20c to 30c dearer. Younger weaner steers sold from 20c to 40c dearer and more in places. Lighter weight heifers sold 20c to 30c dearer, while the heavier and well covered heifers sold mostly firm on the last store sales levels.

Angus weaner steers sold from 322c to 380c for the heavier weights, medium weights made from 325c to 388c and light weights made from 344c to 387c/kg. Black Baldy’s made from 316c to 354c and other breeds 220c to 320c/kg. Yearling Angus steers made from 275c to 352c for the heavier weights, medium weights sold from 310c to 356c and the lighter weights made from 328c to 354c/kg. Black Baldy steers sold from 270c to 330c, Herefords steers made 300c to 325c and all other breeds sold from 240c to 326c/kg.

Weaner Angus heifers sold from 246c to 332c for the heavier weights, medium weights made from 262c to 320c and light weights made from 246c to 332c/kg. Black Baldy’s made from 278c to 290c and other breeds 160c to 285c/kg. Yearling Angus heifers sold from 270c to 324c for the heavier weights, light and medium weight made from 270c to 316c/kg. Black Baldy heifers sold from 250c to 312c, Hereford heifers made from 190c to 255c and other breeds sold from 240c to 290c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Sheona Lamb). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.