PHOTO: Topping the market today was this pen of Angus grown heifers that HF Richardson sold for 274c/kg, returning $1289ph for S Gibbons. 

WVLX Mortlake agents yarded  just over 2,000 head at today’s market representing an increase of some 200 head on the previous week. The grown cattle and bullocks displayed an increase of weight with a few less manufacturing types on offer. The offering overall was of good quality. All the regular buying group operated to a degree with an additional interstate operator along with strong feeder and store competition on 760 grown cattle, 700 trade, 525 cows and 30 bulls.

Grown cattle improved 25c to 30c/kg with manufacturing types stronger by 10c to 15c/kg for the lighter end. Trade cattle improved 15c to 20c with the better milk vealers gaining 30c/kg. The better cow offering improved 10c/kg being more evident on the heavier end. Bulls improved 25c/kg. The better vealers on offer sold from 210c to 265c/kg. Trade steers and heifers were selling from 200c to 274c/kg. Grown cattle sold to a top of 264c and manufacturing steers made from 152c to 210c/kg. The better finished heavier beef cows sold from 172c to 230c/kg with the medium weights from 160c to 176c/kg. Dairy cows were generally selling between 162c to 195c/kg with one exceptional cow at 220c/kg. Beef bulls topped at 251c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.