PHOTO: Damien Meagher of Heathmere, who has sold over 100 cattle so far at WVLX, sold 25 Angus bullocks today for $2.78/kg. Damien praised the soft flooring and roofed facility, saying it has a great calming effect on the cattle.


Total Yarding: 890

Following the missed market due to the Easter break, agents penned a larger offering of cattle. Quality was from poor to good overall with cows and young cattle very mixed in condition while grown steers were mostly from plain to good. The current following of buyers attended and operated steadily with prices for grown steers on average 15c higher and manufacturing D2 and D3 grades were 5c to 10c/kg dearer. The vealers sold 15c to 20c better, yearlings were 5c to 15c higher and restockers paid up to 10c/kg more for their steers but their heifers made similar money to the last sale. Cows were mainly unchanged in prices with just a few sales of beef cows slightly higher.

The C2 and C3 vealers sold between 275c and 326c and included the odd B muscled grades while restockers paid 261c to 301c/kg. The yearling steers made from 265c to 285c with restockers paying 255c to 278c/kg. Yearling heifers sold from 248c to 268c and restockers paid 262c and 263c/kg. Restockers then paid 228c to 257c/kg for their D2 grade replacements.

Most C3 and C4 grown steers were between 255c and 286c while the D2 steers made 210c to 227c and the crossbred D3’s were from 225c to 251c/kg. Poor quality E1 cows started at 100c, but most made between 145c and 176c with the D1 grade from 175c to 180c and a restocker paid 190c/kg for a pen. The D2 cows sold from 185c to 200c with a good quality single at 208c/kg. The C3 to C5 beef cows made 206c to 218c/kg.

Market Report:  Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

CLICK HERE to download the WVLX Market Report – Prime Market – 9 April 2018.