Total Yarding:  879

Agents penned 879 cattle for the first prime market in four weeks, 336 head more. The usual buyers were in attendance for the mainly good to very good quality offering that contained plenty of weight and condition. Prices compared to 4 weeks ago showed milk vealers on average 20c higher and yearlings firm for the steer portion but heifers were equal to 20c/kg dearer aided by very strong restocker competition. The grown steers and grown heifers made an average of 30c more and cows also were 30c/kg better than 4 weeks ago.

Most milk vealers sold from 360c to 420c with the best sales to a top of 442c with the restockers paying to 450c/kg. Yearling made from 340c to 405c with the best of the steers selling to 430c and restockers paid to 434c/kg. Grown steers were of better quality than at the last sale and sold from 345c to 391c with restockers paying to 399c/kg. The crossbred, older and extra heavy steers made from 300c to 345c while dairy bred steers were selling from 283c to 324c/kg. Grown heifers made from 330c to 369c/kg.

Prices for beef cows sold from 278c to 316c with the dairy and crossbred cows making from 260c to 288c/kg. The few poor to plainer conditioned cows made from 235c to 260c/kg. Two sales of beef bulls were at 240c and 250c/kg respectively.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full report. 

Southern Grampians Livestock & Real Estate sold a ripping pen of 4 Angus cows on behalf of S & N Branson. The Heavy weight cows went under the hammer for 307c/kg and returned $2525.08 per head!