PHOTO: Tim addressing the large turnout for the Small Business Festival event held at WVLX today, showing business people from the Warrnambool, Corangamite and Moyne Shires how our world-class cattle saleyards works and talking about how we engage our staff in the workplace.

Total Yarding: 296

There was an increase in the cattle numbers to 296 head sold at Mortlake which was 104 more on last week. The regular Winter group of buyers attended and they operated in a fully firm sale for the younger cattle, grown cattle were unchanged to slightly cheaper. Heavy cows averaged 2c to 5c easier with medium to light cows 10c to 15c/kg with very light cows back further. The better quality did sell sold to consistent competition from the trade with the re-stockers and feeders busy at times. The cattle quality was mixed however there was an overall improvement with some of the cattle offered displaying cover.

The sale consisted of approximately 135 cows, 80 younger cattle, 47 grown steers, 20 grown heifers and 11 bulls. The C2 and C3 young cattle to the trade sold from 240c to the market top of 287c/kg and the restockers plus feeders paid 195c to 273c/kg. Friesian steers D1 sold for 180c/kg with Friesian heifers D1, D2 selling from 188c to 205c/kg.

Grown steers made 244c to 276c/kg with a restocker paying to 285c/kg. Grown heifers 210c to 240c/kg and reaching 263c/kg also going to restockers and a good quality pen of Friesian manufacturing steers made 229c/kg. Light E1 cows sold mostly from 117c to 140c/kg, D1 and D2 dairy bred cows were from 160c to 184c/kg. The D1 beef cows made from 156c to 195c/kg and the D2 cows sold from 196c to 201c/kg. Heavy beef cows of D and C muscling sold from 210c to the cow top price of 249c/kg. The bulls penned made between 200c to 245c/kg as they sold slightly easier.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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