PHOTO: Topping the market today at 467c/kg was this pen of Limousin X Steers sold by Charles Stewart Nash McVilly on behalf of WR McKenzie, returning $1943ph.

There was a big drop in cattle supply, possibly due to the state’s snap decision to COVID-19 lockdown for 5 days. The 560 average to good quality cattle, 697 less, attracted a near full field of buyers with most operating fully. Restockers were firm to 20c less for young cattle replacements while the trade paid 10c/kg more for the few yearling steers and equal prices for vealers and yearling heifers. Grown steers gained 10c to 12c/kg but the manufacturing and older steers sold at unchanged levels. Beef cows lifted 3c to 15c more and dairy cows gained 7c/kg. The leaner conditioned cows were up to 10c/kg cheaper while bulls held firm in their prices.

Vealers sold from 412c to 444c to trade and restocker buyers with a single B2 steer to a processor for 467c/kg. The yearlings were mainly making from 385c to 435c with some heifers starting at 342c/kg. The grown steers made from 354c to 402c with older and manufacturing steers sold from 320c to 332c/kg. Friesians made from 305c to 325c/kg. The few better grown heifers were selling from 360c to 379c/kg.

Beef cows made from 292c to 311c with a restocker selling to 326c/kg. Dairy cows sold from 263c to 290c and leaner conditioned cows made from 244c to 260c/kg. Beef bulls again sold from 255c and 270c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full WVLX report.