Elders Kerr & Co Sold an outstanding pen of 3 Simmental steers on behalf of R Elder & KA Light which weighed in on average 483.3kg, returning 1967.17 per head! 

Total Yarding: 524

Agents yarded 524 cattle at Mortlake this week, the overall offering was very good, with the quality being excellent in places. All the regular processors were present and active as well as 2 additional processors. Feeders present were very active in a market that was firm overall, with the exception of cows which experienced strong competition to be generally 20c to 25c/kg dearer. The yarding consisted of 146 bullocks, 146 trade cattle and 223 cows and 9 grown bulls.

Milk vealers to the trade made up to 406c/kg. Yearling steers to the trade made from 350c to 420c, with the heifer portion making between 340c and 400c, with feeders paying up to 410c/kg. The grown steers made from 305c to 400c, with the grown heifers making between 320c and 390c/kg. Manufacturing steers sold from 280 to 333c/kg.

Heavy beef bred cows selling from 300 to 340c/kg. Medium weight beef cows made from 266c to 296c/kg. The very well covered dairy cows sold between 300c and 323c/kg. Cows back to the paddock sold to 301c/kg. Grown beef bulls made to 275c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full report.