PHOTO: A large crowd look on as this fine pen of Murroa East Angus Steers topped the Grown Steers section at today’s store sale at 339c/kg (370kg), $1254ph, sold by Elders Kerr & Co. 


Total Yarding: 2784

A very good yarding of about 2800 cattle, with a lot of weight in the yarding showing the effects of the very good season we’re having down in the South West. 

We had a lane and a half of 500+ steers, very consistently making 300c/kg. The next run of 450-500kg steers topped at 319c/kg, frequently making 295-319c/kg. The 350-400kg steers topped at 339c/kg, making 300-310c/kg on average. 

Black Baldy steers made to 312c/kg, Euro steers made to 297c/kg and Hereford steers made to 305c/kg. We had quite a few Speckle Park cattle in today, which sold particularly well in the open auction section, and the weighed Speckle Park steers made to 311c/kg. 

There was a very good run of weaner cattle presented today, reaching a high of 338c/kg and consistently making 320-330c/kg with a lot of weight in them, with the top end at 400kg. There weren’t a lot of open auction steers today due to the weight, but they topped at $1130, consistently making $900-1000.

There were a few pens of 450-500kg Heifers which topped at 294c/kg, mostly making between 275-290c/kg. The next run very consistently made 270-290c/kg. There was a big difference with restockers and breeders buying Weaner Heifers, with probably a 50 cent premium for cattle that went back to the paddock to breed from, topping at 350c/kg and averaging 320-350c/kg. Other Heifers made 270-285c/kg. 

Open Auction Heifers topped at $900. There were a few pens of F1 Heifers which made to $1140, and there was a mixed run of Cows and Calves with the top reaching $1750, being a lot dearer than last sale. There was also  a good run of cros-bred cattle topping at 262c/kg, mostly ranging from 250-260c/kg, and there were 8 or so pens of Friesian steers which consistently made 250c/kg. 

All in all a very solid sale for the November WVLX store sale with a large crowd in attendance. There was a lot of weight in the cattle and this equated to big dollars per head. 

Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President.

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