PHOTO: Fleur Mann (centre) brought her family along to today’s weaner sale, including sister-in-law April Mann and daughter Winnie (3), Fleur’s children Sybil Miller (2) and George Miller (10mths), and Fleur’s brother James Mann. Fleur of Stonemans Farming, Purdeet sold 55 Angus weaner heifers to a top of 290c/kg and 62 Angus weaner steers to a top of 370c/kg.

Mortlake store sale yarded 3881 weaner steers and heifers with a limited number of yearlings offered. Quality ranged from good to excellent, with some plainer types offered, the yarding was predominantly Angus bred cattle. Buyers came from SA, Southern NSW and over Victoria. The market opened stronger to a week ago, there seemed to be more confidence in the market this week. The better quality steers sold 20c to 35c better and the plainer typers sold 10c to 20c/kg stronger. The heifers sold to 20c/kg better in places across most weights and grades.

Weaner Angus steers made from 358c to 388c, for the spring drop calves, and 306c to 358c for the heavier older weaners. The secondary types sold from 250c to 300c/kg. Hereford steers made from 250c to 304c, Black Baldy’s sold from 284c to 370c/kg and the Euro and Euro cross steers made from 256c to 339c/kg. The limited number of yearling steers sold from 262c to 346c for the Angus and the Black Baldy’s made from 280c to 325c/kg.

Angus weaners heifers sold from 267c to 310c for the better quality and the plainer types sold from 212c to 266c/kg. Black Baldy’s sold from 240c to 296c/kg.  Herefords made from 185c to 260c, and the Euro breeds sold from 196c to 278c, one pen of Simmental heifers sold to 340c/kg. Yearling Angus heifers made from 180c to 298c, Black Baldy’s sold from 276c to 288c and the Euro and Euro cross heifer made from 230c to 288c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Sheona Lamb). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.