PHOTO: J Bushell presented this pen of grown Angus X steers at WVLX Mortlake that reached a top of 190c/kg under the Brian O’Halloran hammer, returning $832ph.  

Agents offered a total of 1,079 cattle which represented a decrease of 261 head compared to the similar breed type store sale a month ago at WVLX Mortlake. Quality was mainly from average to fair with the majority of the sale mixed sex British breeds crossed with Friesian and a mixed selection of approximately 360 Friesian steers. Less beef bred cattle were penned with a slight drop in quality.

The buying gallery was made up of a couple of processors and feeders that were active in places. It also consisted of restockers from Gippsland, Mt Gambier, Colac, Ararat and a good number of sales were purchased by the local districts. When compared to a month ago, prices were generally from 5c to 15c/kg cheaper for the beef bred and crossbred sections of the sale. Some prices came back further but this was due to their quality and there were sales under 100c/kg at times. Light Friesian steers were 5c softer with the medium and heavier Friesian steers selling to a lift in demand to be 5c to 15c/kg stronger.

Angus steer weaners sold from 178c to 194c/kg, European cross steers made 120c to 160c/kg and the crossbred portion were between 104c to 140c/kg. A pen of Angus heifer weaners sold to 160c/kg, Angus X Friesian heifers made 108c to 140c/kg and the European cross weaner heifers sold from 122c to 160c/kg. A limited number of Angus yearling steers above 400kg made 170c to 190c/kg and European cross steers sold from 150c to 190c/kg. The good quality Angus yearling heifers sold between mostly 160c to 192c/kg, a sale of Charolais heifers made 178c/kg and a couple of European cross yearling heifer sales were from 152c to 168c/kg.

Angus X Friesian yearling steers sold from 130c to 180c/kg as they averaged close to 161c/kg and the lighter pens sold mostly from 100c to the market top of 222c/kg. Friesian steers above 400kg made from 144c to 162c/kg, medium weights were from 100c to 148c/kg and light Friesian steers sold from 70c to 120c/kg. Angus X Friesian yearling heifers made from 132c to 170c/kg with a lighter weight pen reaching 200c/kg. Well bred cows and calves at foot sold from $950 to $1,340 and a couple of plainer sales were from $320 to $520/unit. A pen of 8 Murray Grey heifers sold for $800/head. A couple of Speckle Park bulls made $1,275 and $1,700/head and two young Angus bulls sold at $2,000/head.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Tim Delaney). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.