PHOTO: Georgia Lillie of Wolbunya, Laralea sold these Poll Hereford weaner steers through Charles Stewart Nash McVilly for 284c/kg, $960ph, as well as a pen of Poll Hereford weaner heifers for 256c/kg, $740ph.

WVLX Mortlake fortnightly store sale yarded 3428 cattle of mixed quality with the majority of the yarding crossbred secondary types lacking weight and finish, with limited numbers of well-bred good quality cattle offered. Not all the usual buying group attended and not all operated fully in a market that opened cheaper, bidding was subdued and softened as the sale progressed. The better quality cattle were the least effected selling to 20c softer, while the secondary plainer types and crossbreds sold 20c to 50c cheaper, with very limited pens selling over 300c/kg.

Older grown angus steers made from 200c to 325c, Black Baldy steers sold from 208c to 295c/kg. Hereford steers made 236c to 274c and Euro and Euro cross breeds sold from 220c to 300c/kg. Older grown Angus heifers made from 220c to 294c/kg. Black Baldys and Herefords made from 255c to 280c, and the Euro breeds sold from 186c to 265c/kg.

Light weight Angus weaner steers sold from 240c to 322c, medium weights sold from 242c to 284c and heavy weights made from 232c to 302c/kg. Black Baldys sold from 214c to 268c/kg. Herefords made from 192c to 284c and the Euro cross weaner steers sold from 150c to 270c/kg. Angus weaner heifers made from 210c to 298c, and the Euro breeds made from 186c to 270c/kg.

Angus X Friesian steers made from 92c to 250c, with most crossbreds selling from 60c to 264c/kg. Friesian steers made from 120c to 185c for the heavier weights and 54c to 128c for the lighter weights. The Crossbred Angus heifers made from 130c to 216c for the older heavier weights and 78c to 200c for the younger and light weights and other crossbreds made from 34c to 200c/kg.

PTIC Heifers sold from $1250 to $1710, and the F1 portion made from $825 to $1270/head. Angus Cows and Calves outfits sold from $1300 to $1550. A few pens of Charolais Cows and Calves made from $1725 to $1825/head. Euro breeds made from $900 to $1700 and F1 Cows and Calves sold from $1050 to $1600/head.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Sheona Lamb). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.