PHOTO: Julie Hayes of Gazette sold 24 weaner steers today through JM Ellis & Co, including this pen of 15 Angus X Herefords for 255c/kg averaging $895ph, and their 9 brothers for 240c/kg, making $1097ph.

The combined agents fortnightly store cattle sale at WVLX Mortlake yarded 4,435 head. The quality was very good with an excellent penning of beef bred Western District cattle showing condition towards the end of the Spring season. A large crowd followed the sale made up of processors, feeders, restockers and many spectators. They came from South Australia, Northern Victorian Regions, Gippsland, Southern New South Wales and the local surrounding districts. Compared to the similar breed of cattle sale a month ago prices for the yearling steers were generally firm although some sales of secondary steers sold 5c to 10c/kg easier. Yearling heifers sold from 10c to 20c/kg stronger and higher in a few isolated sales. Weaner steers sold to an increase in demand selling on average from firm to 20c dearer with some outstanding steer sales much higher. Weaner heifers sold to a substantial lift with secondary heifers 10c to 20c/kg dearer and the well bred good quality heifers selling from 40c to 60c/kg stronger.

The Angus yearling steers above 400kg sold mostly from 190c to 246c averaging 233c/kg and all the other breeds made from 192c to 240/kg. Medium weight Angus yearling steers were from 160c to 248c/kg, Herefords sold from 170c to 236c/kg and the European cross portion made 168c also to 236c/kg. Good quality heavier weight Angus yearling heifers sold from 176c to 222c/kg and the medium heifers sold from 180c to 250c/kg. Hereford yearling heifers of heavy to medium weight sold to improved demand and mostly made from 160c to 222c/kg. The better quality Hereford Angus cross yearling heifers sold  from 170c to 210c/kg and the European cross heifers made 165c to 240c/kg.

Angus steer weaners above 330kg sold from 220c to 266c/kg and the medium weights made from 230c to 304c/kg as they averaged between 267c to 277c/kg. The Black Baldy weaner steers were from 216c to 268c/kg and the Herefords sold from 150c to 250c/kg. All other British Breeds were from 180c to 240c/kg and a European cross sale reached 252c/kg. Light weight Angus yearling steers sold from 200c to 278c/kg. Angus weaner heifers above 330kg made 195c to 304c/kg and the European cross weaner heifers sold from 142c to 192c/kg. The medium weight Angus weaner heifers made from 218c to the store cattle sale top of 352c/kg averaging 266c/kg. Hereford weaner heifers sold from 144c to 192c/kg and a Black Baldy pen made 210c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (market reporter Tim Delaney). Click HERE for full WVLX market report.