PHOTO: Topping the market today was this great pen of Angus steers that JM Ellis & Co sold for 510c/kg on behalf of A & A Gray, returning $1522ph.

Total Yarding: 364

It was another mixed quality selection of cattle at the WVLX Prime Market with a few more better finished numbers included in the offering of 364 head. The regular field of buyers attended plus 2 additional restockers which added competition to the cow, young cattle and grown cattle parts of the sale. Prices for young cattle were up to 20c higher and grown steers lifted 5c to 15c/kg. Some of the lift seen in the grown steer prices was due to their better finish. Beef cows gained 15c to 20c and dairy cows regained their 20c to 25c/kg loss of last week.

Restockers purchased most of the yearling steers and paid from 443c to 488c for the better quality types, while yearling heifers to restock made between 420c and 480c/kg. The few better finished yearlings to the processors made from 426c to 470c/kg. Dairy bred and plain quality yearlings sold from 260c to 360c with restockers going up to 390c/kg. Three light weight steers made $1,330/head and were estimated to weigh in at 160kg lwt, or 880c/kg.

The better finished grown steers sold from 424c to 470c going to processors and restockers, while the few beef bred grown heifers made from 390c to 455c/kg. A pen of dairy bred grown heifers made 364c/kg. Beef bred cows made from 350c to 430c with the one pen of better covered dairy cows making 310c/kg. Leaner cows sold between 270c and 290c with the poorer conditioned making from 245c to 288c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX report.