PHOTO: Cows were heavily contested for today at WVLX Mortlake with Charles Stewart & Co selling these 2 cracking Charolais X girls for a top of 398c/kg, returning $2677ph for JG & J Swayn.

Total Yarding: 463

At Mortlake agents yarded 463 head, 68 less than last week in yarding that was mixed in quality. A near full field of buyers were in attendance but not all were fully active. Feeders and re-stockers were again very active over most categories, in a market that was firm to dearer in places.

The better quality vealers made from 530c to 632c/kg. Yearling steers made from 423c to 505c, with the heifer portion making from 400c to 540c/kg. Grown steers sold dearer making from 400c to a top of 456c/kg. The heifer portion ranged from 400c to 451c, with restockers paying to 451c/kg.

Manufacturing steers ranged from 340c up to 440c/kg. Another good run of beef bred cows saw the heavy end making from 355c to 398c, while medium cows sold to 300c/kg. The light cows sold dearer, making from 175c to 275c, with cows back to the paddock selling to 306c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full WVLX report.