PHOTO: Topping the market today at the WVLX prime market at 614c/kg was the Angus steer marked on the loin in this pen which was sold by Charles Stewart Nash McVilly, returning $1596ph for RT Eldridge. Also in this pen was the top light Limousin X heifer (shoulder marked) which sold for 572c/kg, returning $1579ph for T & P Moran. The remaining Limousin X steers in the pen were sold for 572c/kg, returning $1873ph also for T & P Moran.


Total Yarding: 501

The usual field of buyers attended the mainly good quality offering of 501 cattle at the WVLX prime market, 53 more. Demand was best for vealers which held firm in prices while yearlings varied from slightly easier for plain quality up to 10c/kg dearer for some of the better bred lines. Grown steers were 5c to 15c cheaper but the Friesian steers sold 10c/kg better. Cows were nearly all well covered heavier weight beef breds that averaged equal in prices except for a handful of younger types that sold unchanged to 30c/kg higher.

Vealers made 470c to 550c to processors and from 505c to 614c/kg to restockers. Better bred yearlings were from 420c to 488c for heifers and up to 510c/kg for steers. Restockers paid to 524c for heifers and up to 582c/kg for steers. The few plain and dairy bred yearlings were mainly between 320c and 394c/kg.

Grown steers were from 416c to 482c with older bullocks from 382c to 418c/kg. Restockers paid 450c to 484c and the Friesian steers together with beef bred grown heifers made 380c to 420c/kg.

The well covered beef cows sold from 315c to 360c with a handful from 375c to 410c/kg. There were no heavy weight bulls penned this week.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.