Mortlake agents yarded 750 head at the final WVLX Prime market for the year representing a considerable drop to the previous week, however it was in line with most Eastern markets where auction numbers declined significantly also. The overall quality of the offering was very good. Grown cattle and bullocks presented with weight with very few dairy bred manufacturing steers available. The cow offering had a fair lead of dairy breeds for buyers. The market was a little subdued with a small field of buyers on the rail operating on 130 grown cattle, 320 trade along with 270 cows and 37 bulls.

Grown cattle and manufacturing steers lost 10c/kg overall as the sale progressed and the trade cattle were erratic at times dependent on the quality offered softening 15 to 20c/kg. Cows were easier by up to 50c over most categories and bulls lost 10 to 20c/kg.

There was a small offering of vealers selling between 218 and 274c/kg. Trade steers and heifers were making between 200 and 260c/kg. Grown cattle topped at 260c/kg with manufacturing steers selling up to 188c/kg. Heavy beef cows sold from 168 to 195c with the medium weights between 140 and 165c/kg. Dairy cows were generally selling between 144 and 185c with grown beef bulls to 210c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.