Total Yarding: 1161

Demand was steady for a reduced sized offering of cattle. Quality was more mixed and the yarding held increased numbers of dairy bred yearlings and cows. Most of the regular field of processor buyers attended and more restocker orders were active. Prices, on quality, were close to unchanged though crossbred grown steers and most grown heifers sold on a dearer trend. The lean conditioned dairy cows were 5c cheaper and B2 heavy weight bulls eased 3c to 5c/kg.

Most vealers were in lean 2-3 score condition with the C muscled group costing processors and restockers from 235c to 289c/kg. The yearling portion made 235c to 257c with restockers paying to 270c for steers and an isolated pen of five heifers cost one restocker 285c/kg. The D2 yearlings made from 185c to 229c/kg and most went to restockers.

The improved selection of C3 and C4 grown steers sold from 240c to 268c with restockers paying 225c to 261c/kg for C2 and C3 grades. The D3 crossbred steers made 220c to 248c with lighter weight D2 beef bred steers from 212c to 220c/kg. The C3 to C5 grown heifers sold from 220c to a top of 250c/kg. Poor to plain conditioned E1 cows made slight gains in price with most from 160c to 180c/kg. The D1 grade sold between 172c and 186c while D2 cows were from 186c to 206c/kg. The C3 to C5 beef cows made from 203c to 219c with a single B3 at 220c/kg. The few heavy weight B2 bulls made 230c to 253c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Full report:

Photo: Sharyn and Guy Ferguson sold 6 pens of Angus & Murray Grey steers for a top of $2.70/kg. Pictured here with agent Kelvin Rundle.

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