PHOTO: The buyers gathered around to bid on the first pen of the day, sold by Bernie Grant of LMB Livestock, of Angus x Angus Steers which went for $2.83/kg with an average weight of 566.9kg.

Total Yarding: 501

Numbers increased at Mortlake with 501 made up of approximately 330 export and 170 young cattle sold to a couple of extra buyers in the gallery as they operated in a mixed quality yarding. The majority of the yarding was from plain to average with a limited selection of finished prime cattle in the overall offering. Demand was strongest for lots that were finished with restockers being active throughout the market. The young cattle averaged firm. Good quality grown steers improved by 10c to 20c/kg but some plainer steers were cheaper. The very light cows sold firm and the light and medium cows sold close to equal. Heavier beef cows did fluctuate from unchanged to 2c to 3c easier with a few pens of the D3 cows 7c/kg weaker. Bulls sold from 5c to 10c/kg on last week.

A vealer heifer C3 sold for 260c with some young Angus heifers to restockers for 180c/kg. C3 and C4 yearling trade steers sold to increased demand making from 258c to 282c with restockers paying from 220c to 265c/kg. Heifer yearlings sold mostly to restockers the majority from 180c to 255c/kg. Heavier 400kg plus D3 heifers made from 189c to 240c with restockers paying to 260c/kg.

Good quality C3 grown steers made 267c to 283cg and some plainer pens of C2 types sold between 225c and 248c/kg. Light E1 dairy bred cows sold from 90c to 148c/kg. E1 beef cows made from 153c to 160c/kg. The D1 and D2 beef cows sold from 159c to 185c/kg. D3 cows sold from 175c to 183c as the restockers paid from 125c to 170c/kg. The best of the beef cows sold between 174c and to a top of 211c/kg. Heavy bulls weighing approximately 780kg made 215c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. 

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