PHOTO: Competition was at a high today with extra buyers in the gallery pushing prices up, as can be seen here with three buyers bidding on this pen of Friesian Bullocks. Bullocks were well up on last market, with Elders Kerr & Co selling the top pen of Hereford Bullocks for 320c/kg (619.2kg), $1981ph. 


Total Yarding: 407

Agents yarded 407 cattle at Mortlake today, a similar number to last fortnight. The yarding was a more even and a far better quality yarding than the last sale held here. All the regular buyers plus one additional processor were in attendance and operated fully, resulting in a dearer market to be 20c dearer for bullocks and trade cattle, and 40c/kg for all categories of cows. The offering consisted of 57 Bullocks, 247 Trade cattle, 101 Cows and 2 Bulls. 

The vealer steers made 265c/kg to the trade. 3 scores made from 265 to 315c, 20c/kg dearer. Yearling steers to the trade, 3 and 4 score, made from 270c to 308c and the heifer portion sold from 263c to 288c, to be 20c/kg dearer. 

C3 and C4 grown steers made from 272c to 320c and the heifer portion sold from 260c to 290c, being 20c/kg dearer. Manufacturing steers made from 233c to 263c, being 20c/kg dearer. The offering of cows were predominantly C3 and C4 beef bred cows with very few light weight cows on offer. The medium C2 cows made from 210c to 240c and the heavy weight C3 and C4 cows made from 256c to 275c, being 40c/kg dearer. Bulls with shape made from 252c to 288c, being 40c/kg dearer.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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