PHOTO: Vern Wright of Camperdown sold at WVLX for the first time at today’s Prime Market. He was impressed with the $2.84/kg price he got for his 3 Angus x Angus steers (weighing an average of 553.3kg), saying they wouldn’t have made that price elsewhere.

Total Yarding: 759

There was an increased number of cattle to 759 head at Mortlake, 152 more that greeted a larger field of buyers present. Quality was very mixed throughout the yarding with more dairy bred cattle penned. There were also some well-presented younger cattle, grown steers and beef bred cows within the offering. Prices for the steer portion sold to a dearer trend in the younger cattle market as the young heifer prices varied depending on actual quality and demand during the sale. Grown steers lifted in demand by 10c to 15c and the light cows sales were also stronger, up 4c to 10c/kg with some isolated sales higher. Heavy cows sold from firm to 4c/kg dearer. The yarding was made up of approximately 500 export and 259 young cattle.

The vealers to the processors sold from 270c to 298c/kg. C2 and C3 yearling steers made 240c to 262c/kg. Yearling heifers made from 228c to 260c as restockers and feeders paid from 230c to 275c/kg for young store cattle.

C3 and C4 grown steers made from 268c to 290c, grown heifers made from 200c to 215c and D2 and D3 manufacturing steers made from 208c to 240c/kg. Light E1 dairy bred cows sold from 120c to 165c and the D1 and D2 cows made 170c to 190c/kg. Restockers bought cows from 70c up to 180c/kg. Feeders purchased from 179c to 215c/kg. The heavy beef bred cows sold from 176c to 222c as bulls reached a top of 220c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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