Photo: Charles Stewart & Co locked in 355c/kg, $1391.40ph for these Angus Steers (ave weight 391.9kg), which showed how strong competition was today.

Total Yarding: 1320

WVLX July store sale was met with high demand from processors, feed lotters, re-stockers and locals who pushed prices to a new record.

We also had great support from local and wider Victorian agencies; all indicating that the overall yarding was exceptional in terms of quality and breed.

We had a notable market rise for grown steers (355c/kg) by 40c/kg compared to the June store sale.

There was a rise of 40c/kg for weighed weaner steers compared to last month, which fetched an impressive 352c/kg.

Grass heifers increased by 20c/kg, selling at 320c/kg and weighed weaner heifers sold at 318c/kg, also a rise of 20c/kg.

The open auction steers topped at $920 each – up by $100 on June’s store sale. Open auction heifers made $600-700; a rise of $80-100.

There was plenty of competition for cows and calves, topping at $1780; a significant increase of $300.

Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President.

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